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cricket wireless phones Reviews

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  • Feature phone trade-in program

    Cricket is changing over to GSM technology so my current Galaxy S3 phone will not be compatible. According to Cricket website: "FEATURE PHONE TRADE-IN PROGRAM: Trade in your current CDMA feature phone for a free comparable GSM handset that works our new 4G network." Spoke with Cricket and was told I needed to visit Cricket store. Asked for retention department and told they are month to month so they do not have retention department. (Maybe it is easier to find new customers than to keep existing?) Store offered $105 towards new phone. That is noT what the website says. Website... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    1958indyfan's Picture   1958indyfan    0 Comments   Comments
  • worthless services

    Got a defective phone from and they refuse to replace the phone. - I ordered the phone on the cricket website. Upon receiving the phone I called cricket to have the phone activated. The representative charged me $15 for the activation. After activation I still had no service (no bars). I called corp tech support and they after 45 min on the phone told me the phone is defective. She told me to go to a corporate store which I did and had to drive 30 miles one way. When I got to the store They told me I had to buy another phone and send that one back (WTF???) I told... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    mcgver's Picture   mcgver    0 Comments   Comments
  • misinformation and no refund

    i got the zte chorus muve music phone online from, i called and got the phone activated and was told the only plan available was the $45 plan even though the website states the $55 muve music plan only works for this phone. i believed him and went with the $45 plan and not only did i not have access to my music feature i ran out of minutes in 2 weeks, i called and was told that the $55 plan works for that phone so i put $55 on the phone, still no music feature and i called the automated system to check on when i had to put more money on and was told i was on the $45 plan and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    brimastrilli's Picture   brimastrilli    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service

    I have used cricket wireless for about 3 years with no problems at all, However I purchased a Kyrocera Zio phone on line about 5 months ago and now I am experiencing some problems with the phone not able to hold a charge and the phone starts to get very warm. I took the phone to a cricket store and explained what was going on with the phone, "Ishmael" the rep at the store says that since he could not replicate the problem with the phone their is nothing he could do? Now if he had simply told me I can give you a new battery to see if that resolves the problem that would have been... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    burks3350's Picture   burks3350    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrid

    Cricket has the worst customer service imaginable! They lie to you and give you the run around. To get many things done, you have to waste your gas to go into their store and stand in line all day. When they take your money without authorization, it takes forever for them to return. It is just a sad company. Please spare yourself the headache and pay the money for quality, because you will spend more than it is worth in aggravation! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    JanieP1's Picture   JanieP1    0 Comments   Comments

    On 2/27/11 I purchased a Cricket phone. Finally got it activated on 3/16/11 after many calls to the worst customer service center I've ever dealt with. On that same day, I tried to start my phone number porting from another company. I had to call back because the system was down. Days later the number still had not been ported. On 3/29/11 after 100's of calls & screaming at non-English speaking morons, my number was ported to a complete stranger & added to her account. I managed to get them to port my number to me which disconnected her phone. Now I cannot do... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    msgorline's Picture   msgorline    0 Comments   Comments

    Thank you for getting back to me so promptly; On July 26 2010 I went to one of the crickett stores on East West Highway in Hyattsville,MD to purchase a new cover for my phone I like to change the cover due to the different colors available. I do not remember the young lady's name but I do remember that she was about 8 nonths pregnant because I think she said the baby was due next month. I purchased two covers and the young lady went to put the cover on she said it was a little difficult to get the covers on and off after a couple of minutes she finished, I have one of the flip phones... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    rrw20782's Picture   rrw20782    1 Comments   Comments
  • terrible service

    i have payed my cell bills every month yet got turned off for non payment of some $200 u say i owe which i do not, not, not owe. i have gotten no where and no one seems to care, all u people tell me is to pay the bill, no one can even tell me what the charges are for, plus there are charges on my bill that DONT BELONG there. i spent over $400 for 3 phones that i cant even use..u all disgust me and i want my service back on NOW, u hear? NOW More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • u suck

    i have never been so disgusted w/a company in my life. Made every one of my payments yet was turned off for "non-payment". Tried to go in store, csr said he could do nothing and to call customer service which i did and still got no where after spending over $400 on these stankin things. i do NOT owe any money and i want my damn phoneS back on back on, u are the worst cell phone co in the nation, you make me sick and you are very lucky people dont act on their aggressions. i am going to tell everyone i know about my experience and i will post it on the internet and am thinking of... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    jacki1968's Picture   jacki1968    0 Comments   Comments

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